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We are eager to establish a Youth Advisory Council (YAC) to help with forming a variety of our projects, partnerships and initiatives. We are looking for passionate and dedicated young people across Canada who are between 16 and 25 years old, and who bring a diverse set of experiences and perspectives.

Interested in being part of the YAC? CLICK HERE to fill out the application form.

Who we are:  

We are a group of teens and young adults (ages 16-25) from across Canada, who are passionate about mental health initiatives, awareness and education. We come from all walks of life and we value lived-experience, passion and diversity in our members. We believe in fostering an inclusive and positive team where no voice, opinion or experience is excluded or invalidated. Our goal is to support our organization in making mental health education easily accessible and understandable to everyone.

What we do:

Our role has a large scope. Primarily, we focus on overviewing curriculum, projects and initiatives and providing a youth perspective on materials that will be targeted towards young people. We work collaboratively to provide feedback to the mentalhealthliteracy.org team, helping them provide the best resources possible to kids, teens and educators around the world. Additional opportunities include creating media and pitching ideas for content or projects for the organization that will help make Mental Health Literacy more accessible and relevant for all users.

Why we are passionate about this project:

Hopefully it’s become clear that we are all about collaboration around here, and that we value meaningful contribution from diverse voices. Seeing as we are continually working to develop new Mental Health Literacy trainings and resources to support young people, it only makes sense that we invite a youth perspective!





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