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It’s official: our inaugural Mental Health Academy 2021 was a success!

Here’s what some of our conference participants had to say:

  • Such a great conference! I hope it continues to grow and that more people attend next year. Thank you for organizing this!
  • EFCNI organizers, all presenters had a good message.
  • Spinning Science and Nurturing Resilience were awesome!
  • I really felt that Mike Unger brought some ah ha moments for me to the conference and I continued to think on his points throughout the conference.
  • Kiersten was absolutely AMAZING and everyone should hear her story.
  • Wow, wow, wow. The Youth Advisory Council is a remarkable group of young people. So humbled and impressed by their presentation and answers to questions.
  • Tim Caulfield is the perfect keynote “kickoff” speaker. Dynamic, interesting, current research. Just an outstanding choice. Thank you for inviting him!

We know that teamwork makes the dream work, and this year’s virtual conference was no exception!  A big Thank You to the dedicated team of collaborators who helped make this special online event happen!

We also want to give a special thank you to the following:

1.  Our conference partner host: Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium

2.  The local businesses who donated goods and/or provided discounts for our conference participants:

Stumpcraft Puzzles

Robbie Craig

Sarjesa Tea 


3.  Our video production expert who made our pre-recorded content shine: Focus On Why Media


4.  And, lastly, thank you to budding Calgary-based artist, Haidee Vael, for creating and donating these two stunning downloadable resources for all to use:

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