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Fuel your body, fuel your brain.

A well-balanced diet supports physical and mental health, giving our bodies and brains the power and nourishment they need. Here are some tips for establishing healthy eating habits:

  • Include a variety of foods* from the major food groups in your daily intake.
  • Eat regular meals – yes, this means starting your day with a healthy breakfast and remembering to take a lunch break!
  • Hydrate with water when possible
  • Stock your work bag or desk with nutritious snacks
  • Limit foods that are high in sugar and/or highly processed
  • Choose fiber-rich foods
  • Consider incorporating plant-based meals into your diet
  • Reduce consumption of substances, such as alcohol or drugs
  • Plan meals ahead of time and shop with a list
  • Share meals with others when possible
  • Be realistic – it’s okay to enjoy a treat now and then, especially when you’ve been taking good care of your brain and body

Remember: healthy eating is about keeping your body and brain strong for now and for the future.

*Purchasing fresh foods can be costly at times. Less expensive options for healthy eating may include using frozen or canned produce versus fresh, cooking with dried beans or lentils, buying in bulk, splitting larger purchases with others, exploring options in your area for foods at reduced prices, or participating in community kitchen programs.

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