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Brains are better together.

Good quality relationships (e.g., with friends, family, colleagues) can help us live fulfilling lives and cope better when challenges arise. Having a reliable support network is an important part of staying mentally healthy. Although in-person connection is ideal, virtual or telephone time together can also be meaningful alternatives.

Feeling a little disconnected? Here are some connection points to get you started:

  • Schedule regular ‘catch up’ times with others: These may include a monthly coffee date, a weekly phone call, a nature walk or a visit at your home
  • Extend an invitation: Invite a work colleague or friend to join you for lunch or a walk
  • Reconnect: Have you lost touch with someone you value? It might be time to send an email, text, or pick up the phone and let that person know you’re thinking of them
  • Be open minded: Be inquisitive and interested in other people and their lives. This may lead you to new and enriching life experiences or relationships
  • Join a club: Follow your interests to find like-minded people and expand your social network
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